Meet the Porgologists


Shoshana (@ryorin) is constantly covered in pet fur. She writes for @tosche_station, cohosts @acespacepod, and spends far too much time thinking about worldbuilding and folkloric creatures.












Danny () has a love of animals that has manifested in many nature research and education jobs over the years, but has yet been unable to acquire a full-time career studying purrgils and porgs. This blog will have to suffice.



Amy Richau () is a freelance writer, life-long Star Wars geek, and diehard Broncos fan. You can find her Star Wars thoughts on , , and .


Andrew () is a photographer, bibliophibian, and former zookeeper. When he’s not overthinking the dynamics of fictional ecosystems, he conducts research on child welfare and trains mental health professionals.


Caiti () is a farm girl and comp sci student, who recently ran away to Australia and stumbled into the fascinating world of biology.


Swara () is a vegetarian, animal and ocean lover who has always loved Ewoks and all cetaceans. He’s the co-host of , the Star Wars and politics podcast, and his day job as a data analyst is to help cities use data better.

Field Reporters:


Vyrdaw Attlebrug has a double degree in intergalactic zoology and science journalism from Chandrila University. He’s currently on an expedition in the Unknown Regions, hoping to document and record new species of creatures. He will send us regular updates.