The Ghulian PrrPrr Beast

I have discovered evidence of a previously unknown species while examining records recovered from the First Order in the New Republic Archives on Coruscant. Analysis of First Order records includes a curious reference to a previously unknown species at the edges of wild space. I had the opportunity to confirm these reports in an interview with the Resistance hero, Finn. Finn encountered these creatures while serving on the Star Destroyer The Finalizer before 34 ABY. Here is a summary of the information I have gathered. 

Note: I will refer to this creature as the Ghulian “PrrPrrr” Beast based on the repeated vocalizations heard from members of the species. 



Original illustration of the creature in question, by the author

Bipedal with two legs, and four arms. Each limb has four digits including an opposable thumb. Adults appear to have small talons on their fingers and toes. 

The species possesses four ears – an extremely rare adaptation. Research is needed to understand the function of two pairs of ears. Perhaps they are able to hear in more than one environment? Do multiple ears improve their spacial sense through a form of radar? This would explain the creature’s constant vocalization.

Ghulian Prrprrrs have 2 large eyes. The eyes have large purple irises, but no pupil. Ordinarily, an eye without a pupil would be unable to see. In spite of this, these beasts can see. This suggests that the purple orbs are not irises, but giant purple pupils instead. This would suggest an eye designed for low light or low visibility. Another piece of evidence suggesting this is that the beast shows signs of sensitivity to light. 

Prr1After the eyes and ears, the most notable facial feature is a prominent and toothy snout. The juvenile possesses two sharp central teeth on the upper jaw and two sharp teeth in the lower jaw in canine position. The adult has a full set of teeth, including prominent canines on the lower jaw. 

The Prrprrr Beast has purple hair, which is thicker at the bottoms of legs, cheeks, crest, and tuft at the end of the tail. The color of the hair ranges from lavender to a darker purple color among members of the species. Hands, feet, and tail are hairless with bright blue skin.



Prr3Guhl-JO3870 is located on the very fringe of the outer rim. It was referred to as a “mud planet” by soldiers of the First Order. That designation suggests the presence of liquid water. The landscape is marked by rocky spires and mesas. The surface is covered with craters and with steaming vents or geysers. The surface is barren with no signs of flora. Yellow clouds emerge from the vents, and the atmospheric clouds appear yellowish as well, suggesting the presence of high levels of sulfur in the environment. However, the atmosphere is breathable by humans. 

The creature’s diet is unknown, but teeth suggest a carnivorous or omnivorous diet. 



Prr2Appears to be an ambush predator. Uses surprise, speed, and a powerful leap to seize prey with four arms. Young display remarkable curiosity and intelligence. 

Coloration appears to blend in with the shadows of their planet, suggesting the species is crepuscular, most active at dawn and dusk. Large eyes and four ears suggest the need to operate in low visibility environments. 

Although the species does not display photophobia (extreme sensitivity to light), they do appear to prefer darkness, as shown when the young specimen encountered by Finn attempted to cover its head with a helmet, disable lights in a conference room, and retreat into the dark interior of an AAL–1971 Troop Transport.

PrrPrrr Beasts live in large packs, which show signs of territoriality and cooperate for defense. Speed and agility are also used as a natural defense. 

Question to be answered: What is the primary food source of the Ghulian PrrPrrr Beast? Large pack size and high energy use suggest a significant food source is available, despite the seemingly barren surface of Guhl-JO3870. Is it possible that a food source exists within the steaming sulfur pits prevalent on the surface of the planet? Hunting in mist would explain the creatures unusual and prominent sensory organs. 



This creature’s physiology and habitat are unusual and an investigation could yield important new discoveries in Galactic Zoology and Ecology. For this reason, I have submitted a requisition to contract Emil Graf of the scout ship Star Herald to locate Guhl-JO3870, survey the fauna and report back with additional research. 

BenBen Brophy is a life-long Star Wars fan who can be found on twitter at @zenkenobi. Along with his 9-year-old son, Ben reviews the Star Wars Adventures comics on his youtube channel: Star Wars Adventures Family Reviews.